Saturday, April 29, 2006

New Start - Kung Fu Babble II

GM Seming and Mario

Hello Everyone!

Over the past several months, we encountered some strange difficulties with our first generation blog, Kung Fu Babble. After spending countless hours trying to figure out why my posts were not showing up, I decided to just start a new one! So here we are, Kung Fu Babble II!

If you are new, My name is Mario Figueroa and I am a Kung Fu enthusiast. Some say I am a fanatic, and I actually don't mind that at all so from now on you can call me a Kung Fu Fanatic! Yes, that has a nice ring to it. Although it brings images of me standing in front of a circle of people and saying, "My name is Mario and I am a Kung Fu Fanatic" .... :-)

The first Kung Fu Babble had some interesting stuff ( I hope), that I may bring over to this new incarnation. You can also visit my Shen Martial Arts website at to see some of the posts that made it over to the articles section. More articles will be coming to that page in the coming weeks including one that was published on Inside Kung Fu Magazine's June 2006 issue on Ng Ga Kuen and Grandmaster Seming Ma. For any Spanish speaking friends, I will be posting translations for some of the articles.

Please enter your comments on any of my postings. Your opinion, good or bad is important. Just keep it respectful and constructive. I won't engage in any debates, so don't try it.

So, sit back, read on and if you feel compelled, respond.

Thank you.

Mario Figueroa.