Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Best Dit Da Jow - Not Quite That Simple (Again)

This is a re-issue of a posting I made on the first Kung Fu Babble. In fact, it is a series of 3 posts addressing the so often heard question and the endless quest for "The Best Dit Da Jow". Remember, your comments are welcome so let me hear from you.

This morning, while reviewing e-mails, I received one with a very common question: Which one of the Dit Da Jow's that you offer is the best? The answer: "It is not that simple", a close cousin to "It all depends". Unfortunately, most folks do not want to hear this, so for those that want the long version, this is my attempt at a giving this question the response that it deserves.There a literally hundreds of different formulations for Dit Da Jow. Thousands if you count the ones that are just slight modifications of a true traditional formula. Why so many? Let me ask an unrelated, yet similar question to help get us all to the same frame of mind... "Why are there so many different car brands, makes, models and types?". Here is one that is closer to home: "Why are there so many different styles of Kung Fu?". Let's maul on this for a bit, let the old noodle get a good grip on this.In fact, here is what we will do. I will end this entry for now giving you time to ponder this dilemma, determine if these are just trick questions (designed to muddle the issue and keep the best Dit Da Jow secret), and to send in your comments, and suggestions. Socratic method at its best.

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