Sunday, May 28, 2006

Chinese Patent Herbs - Healthy Brain Pills

Over the course of the last 2 years, more and more people have been contacting me, asking questions and requesting information about Chinese Patent Medicines. So, I have decided to feature information about some of the most useful and beneficial Chinese herbal patents, in hopes that this will help some of you out in cyberspace who are searching for alternative supplements to help you feel well, and who are taking a more active role and responsibility for your health. So, I will start with one of my favorites, Jian Nao Wan - "Healthy Brain Pills".

There are many benefits to this wonderful herbal formulation. Simply stated, these pills improve mental function, increase the flow of internal energy to the brain, and help to optimize the replenishing effects of sleep.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) terms, this formula tonifies the heart and liver blood, calms the Shen (heart/spirit) and sedates liver fire. Healthy Brain pills are said to Nourish the Heart, Tranquilize the Spirit (Shen), and Benefit Wisdom.

As a remedy this is used for sleeplessness, agitation, mental exhaustion, dizziness, poor memory, fatigue, insomnia with nightmares, palpitations and restlessness. It is also known to be very effective for vertigo and tinnitus (ringing of the ears).

Jian Nao Wan is widely used in the orient where there is a long history of effective results from its use. So, if you are feeling stressed, uneasy, nervous and/or irritable which basically describes almost everyone that I know, this is an excellent formula. When you need the most of your mental abilities such as when making difficult decisions, or solving tough problems, this is an excellent aid. For those working on mental improvement, learning, meditation, this is a wonderful supplement and tonic. Finally, this is widely used a preventive against memory loss problems associated with age (this herbal formula is actively being tested for the prevention and reversal of alzhymer's disease).

Let's face it, most of us live with daily mental stress and worry. Multitasking, information overload, rising costs, and the many other constant demands on our time and attention result in constant depletion of our mental energy. Add to that the effects of poor diet and exercise which dimish the health of the tiny artiries that feed our brain and you can literally say that your life is driving you 'crazy".

Healthy Brain pills are both a tonic and a medicine. As a tonic, they can help maintain and increase the health and capacity of the brain. As a medicine, this formula may help regain some of the ground lost to years of mental fatigue.

The original ancient formula contained cinnabar as one of its components. The current version(s) formula does not contain cinnabar and is made up of 100% plant ingredients making it safe for regular and continuous use as a supplement.

You owe it to yourself to give this great chinese herbal patent medicine.

Ingredients: Semen Ziziphi Spinosae, Radix Angelica Sinesis, Rhizoma Dioscorae, Herba Cistanches, Fructus Cistanches, Fructus Lycii, Fructus Schisandrae, Fructus Alpiniae Oxyphyllae, Succinum, Concretio Silicea Bambusae, Dens Draconis, Rhizoma Anemones Altaicae, Rhizoma Gastrodiae, Radix Salviae Miltiorrhizae, Radix Ginseng, Semen Botae.

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