Monday, May 15, 2006

GrandMaster Wong Ark Yuey's American Seal

The seal used by GM Wong on student certificates and on all of his truly important documents to confirm authenticity can now be seen again. GM Seming Ma, grandson of GM Wong and inheritor of the Ng Ga Kuen(TM) system of kung fu has decided to use the original seal to confirm authenticity of materials and products associated with the style of kung fu. The seal will now be seen on GM Wong's original books, photos, posters, manuals and more. (visit

This seal is full of history and nostalgia and is of importance to non-chinese Kung Fu practioners all across the world. In the late 50's GM Wong began teaching non-chinese his system of kung fu, being the first to do so. His Wah Que studio was the first to openly accept students of all races. Wah Que roughly means "overseas" kung fu studio perhaps hinting to his vision of teaching non-chinese or maybe just pointing to its location outside of China. While most Chinese masters use a chinese "chop" or ink stone as their symbol or signature, GM Wong chose a seal with an American eagle and english words for the definitive mark of his school. And while GM Wong also used a traditional seal and Chinese characters on certificates and other important documents, it was the english seal that denoted the school. The seal has some characteristic errors from missing words to not using the address of the school. However, this all adds to its unique quality and to its special mystique.

GM Ark Y. Wong personally touched the lives of many and indirectly influenced that of thousands. Many claim to have had a special relationship with the old master... Many more still never had the chance to meet him and only imagine what it would have been like. For those that did have the privilige and for those of us that only wish we had, GM Seming Ma has shared with us a great gift that only he could have and that most of us would not have otherwise ever seen. GM Wong's seal is now back in use by choice of his heir to continue as a symbol of authenticity and tradition.