Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Little Things - 3:00 am Inspiration

Ok, So this is not exactly Kung Fu, but work with me a little and you can see how your training and practice fits in. These thoughts came to me at around 3:00am and I just had to put pen to paper. This happens to me from time to time. So, stay with me and if this makes sense, great. If not, thanks for taking time to read it.

It’s the little things….

They say it’s the little things that count
So why do we long for the big things?
Little things happen every moment, every day
And add up to everything that is great and worthy
In this life

We are on this journey where every step is a lesson,
And each tells a story, a million stories of a life well lived,
Yet we seek to forgo the steps and leap to our end destination,
whatever it may be
Not realizing that the destination is determined while on the way

Everything Matters…
Every decision is meaningful,
Every act chiseled in the Heavenly Tablet
Every thought carved in the Cosmic Ether
And every word inked into the Book of Life

It is said that life is but a play
And as actors we must play our part well
But our role is not predetermined,
We do have a choice
To be a Hero or a Villain,
A King or a Pauper
A glorious Redwood or a Thorny Bush

It is the little things that make us who we are
And shape us daily,
Action by action, Word by Word, Thought by Thought

A kind word, a simple smile, a good morning to a passerby,
A heartfelt word of encouragement to someone in need,
A white lie, an exaggeration, a criticism behind your brother’s back,
A secret wish for someone’s lack of success….

Be self true and understand your heart
Lest you fool yourself by good deeds but dark thoughts
It is better to be a good Villain that to be a false Samaritan
Who helps others only for self gain ….
This is a great trap where many fall

Can’t we see the truth before our eyes?
That little things beget great things
And little things are the fabric of existence

So mind the little things, as they will take care of you
As it is the little things done and the small steps taken
Moment to moment, Breath to breath,
Thought to thought, and Day to day
That lead to all things great

Thus is the unguarded secret, in front of us all
It’s the little things that count……….

By Mario Figueroa 12/13/05