Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Dit Da Jow - Why so Many Formulas?

2 New Formulas - Southern Dragon Dit Da Jow & Fut Gar System Dit Da Jow

I am often asked why we at Shen Martial Arts offer so many different types of Dit Da Jow. The reason is simple and complex at the same time.

First of all, there are many different formulas of Authentic Dit Da Jow. I specify authentic because there are a large number of un-authetic formulas also widely promoted. When I decided to become a provider of Dit Da Jow to the public, my goal was to make all of the authentic formulas that I had earned and been given through my years in the martial arts available to those that would not otherwise be have access to them. So far, Shen Martial Arts have released only a portion of the formulas we have and more are coming. So the simple answer is this: There are many formulas, so we offer as many as we can.

Now our intent is not to confuse and overwhelm those looking for a formula but rather to give them choices and variety as well as the ability to explore the differences and finding the one that works best for their specific needs.

Dit Da Jow Formulas are like Kung Fu styles. As long as they are authentic, they are all great, each with its own approach and specific strenghts, all leading to the same goal. Chinese herbs are like moves or techniques, they each have un-limited applications, depending on how you use and combine them. In addition, like kung fu techniques, any one of a number of herbs can be used to address a specific situation and therefore there is more than one herb that is the correct one to use for a specific purpose.

With the number of herbs in the Chinese pharmacoupia the combinations would seem endless however over the centuries, herbologists, dit da healers and kung fu masters (sometimes one and the same) have determined which are the very best. These are the formulas that have survived intact and that have been preserved and handed down teacher to student within most lineages of Chinese Martial Arts. These are what we refer to as Authentic Dit Da formulas.

There is a common misconception that all Dit Da formulas have the same base or a very similar base of herbs. This idea has been perpetuated by those that have only seen formulas from a single source or a single lineage. In reality, most formulas are quite different, each representing the choice of herbs that a particular master had preference for or following a particular herbal approach. There are herbs that appear on various formulas but an examination of the overall combination of herbs will exhibit a different herbal signature for each formula.

This amazing variety is truly a blessing and a testament to the wisdom of old. The ancient masters understood that we as humans are very similar yet at the same time, as individuals, we are also different from everyone else. A single herbal formulation while effective for you, may not work very well for me. Why? Age, genealogy, diet, temperament, sex, state of health, location, lifestyle, etc. In addtion to all that, we each have our own affinities to certain substances, and thus to certain herbs.

True, authentic Dit Da formulas are all excellent and very effective, but not for everyone. Each person must find a formula that really works for them. Luckily, these formulas which in teh past were mostly kept within their particular group, lineage or clan are now being made available to the general public. Shen Martial Arts strives to offer as many Authentic Dit Da formulas as possible, allowing individuals to try, and to select a formula that works best for their specific situation.

Finally, we must also remember that there are different types of formulas for different purposes. By and large the above commentary focuses on general purpose formulas but it also applies to those formulas that are geared for certain parts of the body, for certain tissues or for certain conditions such as cold wind damp, etc.

The bottom line remains the same: Find the authentic formula, that works for you and your needs. Take advantage of the wider array now available and try different formulas, to find one that works for your type of training or for the results that you are looking for. Beware of those making claims to having the best or the ultimate as there is NO SUCH FORMULA. Exaggerated claims are a sure sign of a made up or murky pedigree. Become familiar with a variety of formulas and learn from them, their feel, their effects on you and on others. Make this a learning process and have fun at the same time.

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