Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New Innovative Cross Style Training Dummy!

A Shen Martial Arts Exclusive! This innovative design (patent pending) takes dummy training from the chinese martial arts and brings it to all martial artists! Whether you train in Tae Kwon Do, Pencak Silat, Thai boxing or Mixed Martial Arts, the Shen training dummy will add a new dimension to your training. Solo applications training, hand training drills, endurance training, arm/leg/shin conditioning, speed/distance training and sensivity training can all be enhanced.
The Shen All Style Cross-Training dummy design is based on the traditional ''mook jong'' wooden dummy mostly associated with Wing Chun kung fu training. This traditional wooden dummy is also used by other Chinese martial arts such as Hung Gar, 5 Animal style, and Praying Mantis and is typically used for solo training of combat applications, for iron body conditioning, for speed and distance and for bridging and sensitivity training. These are all necessary attributes and skills for all martial artists, regardless of style. The Shen Cross-Training dummy breaks the boundary by virtue of its design, specifically made to simulate the feel of muscle and bone, such that the harder it is hit, the more it challenges the user. In addition, the whole body of the dummy provides a realistic hitting surface giving it attributes of a boxing heavy bag,a Thai Boxing hanging bag, and a wooden dummy all in one. Still, hard core fighters looking for a conditioning tool will find the solid construction of the body, arms and legs to provide excellent, resistance and ample strengthening and conditioning. In fact, don't forget to use your favorite Dit Da Jow!
The All Style Cross Training dummy is constructed to last a lifetime of constant, hard hitting use. Taking years to develop and to find the best design and highest grade materials, this dummy was submitted to hundreds of hours of maximum force training. It is backed by a 2 year warranty against manufacturing defects or failure due to training use. It is also made for ease of set up, and comes with an attractive, all wood wall mount that allows for fast and simple mounting and removal. The height is adjustable for use by different practitioners.
Includes wall mount, hardware and straps needed for full set up, instructions, and for a limited time, an instructional DVD with drills, applications and techniques to aid in your combat training.
Introductory Special - Free Shipping within the continental United States!
For more information please visite or email with your questions or inquiries. Wholesale inquiries welcome.